[eDebate] Post-Wake post scale changes

brian rubaie brubaie
Wed Nov 28 12:04:59 CST 2007

I followed the speaker point discussion before Wake pretty well but have
found it interesting that there hasn't been much posted following Wake. What
did people think of the point scale change? I know USC is adapting the
30-point scale to quarter decimals (27.25, 28.75, etc.) Are any other
tournaments changing their point scale?

One other idea that I'd like to mention briefly in regards to the discussion
is a suggestion to include the value of oppposition wins in determining
which teams clear. Opposition "big wins" make a large difference in
determining the Copeland, First Rounds, and Second Rounds. That factor makes
more sense to me than double high-low.

It seems a lot like the BCS football picture. Is Missouri the best team in
the country? Vegas says no, but BCS points say yes. Who you beat and who you
lose to makes a big difference in determining the course of a football
season's achievement. Who you debate should make at least some difference in
determining and assigning value to debate tournament achievement.

Good luck on finals and hope you all have a good break,

Brian Rubaie
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