[eDebate] Question For Directors: Do Your Debaters Get Academic Credit for Debate, and How?

James Maritato james.maritato
Wed Nov 28 17:13:28 CST 2007

Hello All,

     I am in the midst of drafting a 3 year plan to reinvigorate Marist's
debate program.  We are attempting to respond to a need for additional
incentives to participate in policy debate at our institution.  Presently,
students do not receive academic credit for debate participation.  An idea
has been pitched in discussions with my department to offer 1 internship
credit a semester for debate -- the problem is that these are internship
credits in a Communication major and historically our team has been made up
of folks from poli sci, philosophy, history and business, and thus the
credits wouldn't apply to their degrees.

     I am curious to know which schools are currently offering academic
credits for participation in debate.  If you would be willing to share the
following info it would assist me in making an appeal fora better solution.

What's the Name of Your Institution?
How many debaters are on your squad?
How many credits to debaters receive per semester?
In what field of study are credits earned (ie what major?  Are they
internship credits?)
Is completion of these credits required to maintain a scholarship?
Are these credits optional, or a requirement of participation on your squad?
Are students assigned a letter grade, or a pass/fail distinction?
How are credits sequenced? (ie. since students can't earn credits for the
same class twice, how is the structure set up such that students can earn
credit every semester?)

   Thanks again all, your help is greatly appreciated!

Jimbo Maritato
Marist Debate
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