[eDebate] Coaching job @ University of Incheon, Korea

Jason Jarvis debatekorea
Wed Nov 28 23:32:22 CST 2007

The application deadline is quite soon (Dec 29).  If you have questions please direct them to Sun Hee Kim (not me! I'm just the messenger.) 

Email: indeedgod at naver. com

Tel: 82- (0)18- 235 3356

Debate Coach position open at University of Incheon, Korea

Position Open   -
 Experienced English conversation instructor & debating coach, starting March 1, 2008  -      Position Details   - Within 2.5 million won/m.  - 2- semester contract (to be extended after a year)  - Housing Provided      Qualifications   -ESL Teaching experience  - Debating and teaching debate experience in college level  - M.A or higher preferably in English and/or TESOL-related discipline      Required Documents   - Resume (nationality, Birth, Sex, Photo, etc. included)  - Copy of University Degree(s) & Transcript (Originals should be provided at the interview)  - Letter of self- introduction  - Copy of Passport & Certificate of Alien Registration      Required- documents Submitted by  
 -  No later than December 29, 2007\      Apply to SONAS office      School of Northeast Asian Studies  49-4 Dohwa 3 dong, Nam-Gu, Incheon  Republic of Korea  Email: indeedgod at naver. com      Tel: 82- (0)18- 235 3356  Attn: Seon Hee, Kim

Jason L. Jarvis

Assistant Dean and Lecturer,

Korea Development Institute Graduate School of Public Policy and Management


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