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Each year we have one new assistantship available, and this year we're looking primarily for NDT/CEDA type coaching. We welcome applicants who would feel gung-ho about that, who think they can work well on a large, national+regional travelling squad, and have a pluralist orienation towards debate (straight up, critical, it's all good), who aren't adverse to doing a lot of research but primarily being there to help extremely hard-working debaters. For those who know our squad, we only have two seniors leaving this year, and we have eight returning policy debaters. We travel to all our regional tournaments plus tournaments like Gonzaga, Georgia State, Harvard, Northwestern, Wake etc. 
The Department of Communication and Journalism, and the College of Arts and Sciences and the administration in general, really love the debate team and talk it up a lot. The Department takes good care of us and is a very friendly and nurturing department whether your undergrad was in comm or not. So let me know if you're interested; below is the call for applicants.

The University of Wyoming will have an opening for a graduate assistant coach beginning in the Fall of 2008. It's not too early to contact me if you are interested in the position.The position pays your tuition, fees and health insurance, and provides a more-than-sufficient living stipend to complete an MA in Communication Studies or Journalism. There is currently no teaching requirement for debate GAs, but you can assist in a variety of teaching contexts (such as the Argumentation class and forensics practicum) if you want that on your vitae. We are also discussing adding sections of argumentation for the GAs to teach, but that's still in the works.Our department is cutting-edge and diverse; you can study rhetoric, media criticism, cultural and intercultural communication, comm.theory and science, public relations, broadcasting, and journalism. UW debaters travel both a national and regional schedule in NDT/CEDA and parliamentary debate. Graduate coaching assistants travel to tournaments with the team, coach, assist with research, judge debates, listen to practice rounds, etc. The Director of Forensics shares these responsibilities. We have a pluralistic and democratic philosophy of debate with a great deal of ideological and methodological diversity.Our success rate for placing former Wyoming assistant coaches is simply incredible. We have placed Directors of Forensics at Lousiana State, Marist College, and Regis, PhD candidates at Penn State and SIU, and assistant directors at Damien HS and Weber State University. Finally, Laramie is an extremely cheap and friendly place to live, and you're moments away from some of the most beautiful mountain ranges and recreation areas in the country.
If you are interested in the position, there are two things you should do:1. Email me. I will answer any questions you have, and will also forward your contact information to Dr. Mike Brown, our Director of Graduate Studies.2. Check out the department and the grad school. The department's home page is: http://uwadmnweb.uwyo.edu/COJO/. The department's graduate studies page is: http://uwadmnweb.uwyo.edu/COJO/grad.aspPlease contact me with any questions. Best of luck this season.Matt StannardDirector of ForensicsUniversity of Wyoming
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