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Douglas Roubidoux roubidou
Thu Nov 29 08:57:30 CST 2007


My wife and I are writing a book titled *101 Ways to Make Studying Easier
and Faster for College Students: What Every Student Needs to Know Explained
Simply.*  In the book I'd like to include case studies of sorts from
professors, administrators, students and other related personnel that would
give readers of the book some great "tried and true" information to help
them better their study skills and ultimately improve their grades and get
more out of college.  If you choose to participate, the publishing company
will send you a free copy of the book.

The case studies I'm looking for are very quick (they should only take about
20 minutes to complete) and are just looking for information about study
habits of students and some tried-and-true tips for college students.  In
the attached document you'll find more information about the book, a list of
questions that you can answer, a working outline of the book and a consent
form that would need to be signed before the publishing company can use your
information in the book.  On the first page of the document is also a
checklist of items that I need back from you.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you,

Susie Roubidoux

Douglas Roubidoux
Director of Debate
UW Oshkosh
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