[eDebate] USC 'Alan Nichols' Update

Gordon Stables stables
Thu Nov 29 14:00:48 CST 2007

We at USC are very excited about what should be the largest and most
competitive Alan Nichols tournament (in both the Varsity and JV divisions)
in many years.  We have commitments from 40 programs to attend and are
expecting over 90 varsity and 20 JV teams. 


I will try to keep the notices to a minimum, but before the semester ends it
is important that we work with you to finalize some entry related matters. 


1)      Additional hotel rooms - The tournament growth has, not
surprisingly, led to us selling out the block in advance of the cutoff date.
If you need room space, please contact me. I am going to bundle all of the
remaining room needs together as an overflow block. The BCS is due to
release the Rose Bowl participants this weekend and we will be a in much
better position to formalize this second block early next week. We hope to
add many folks to the Sheraton, but we will secure a comparable quality and
cost option in any event.


2)      Guest information for the Sheraton - If you already have
reservations at the Sheraton, please go ahead and add each of your guests to
the rooming list. Because of New Year's Eve events, including the tournament
party, it will be necessary that tournament participants can demonstrate
that they are guests of the hotel. I will be accumulating a separate list
for folks who are commuting or staying at another property. The Sheraton is
also asking that you communicate an expected arrival time so they can have
your keys available when you arrive. Marcy Anderson is our incredibly
helpful Sheraton liaison and she can be reached directly at
marcy.anderson at sheratonla.com


3)      Number of tournament guests (and dietary restrictions) - Please
either update your party size on debateresults or email me directly. We need
to make sure our catering is accurate, so please make sure we know how many
dietary restricted folks are in your party. 


4)      Judging information - Our goal is to make the pres available earlier
than the standard tournament schedule. This should reduce one of the last
minute travel problems people face around the holidays. We need your
cooperation to enter your judging and correct your commitments to make this


5)      Shuttle Transportation - If you would like to register for shuttling
to and from the tournament I need a head count from your group. 


Thanks. We look forward to seeing you in LA next month. Don't hesitate to
let me know if there is anything we can to ease your travel planning.




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University of Southern California
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