[eDebate] Twitter for Mid Atlantic Fall Champs

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Fri Nov 30 22:08:25 CST 2007

Based on what i think was successful test of twitter at wake we will be
using twitter at the  Mid Atlantic Champs, and testing it for JV novice

For those of you who do not know Twitter allows me to send updates from the
tab room to all people who are signed up thought the tournament.
The message comes as a text message. there is no additional charge but
regular texting rates apply.

Its a good way to know when ballots are out pairings are out teams are
missing and food has arrived....plus i might say things like WVA returns the
opening kickoff, national title for the mtners or... How does OU lose to
Mizzou 2wice in a season..(ok not those last two) but you get the idea....

If you already have a twitter account from wake (or you are just cool like
that and already have one)
I believ the instruction is simply

1. Send a text message to 40404 that contains the message "follow

Do not include the quotes

If you don't have a twitter account
Here's the quick and easy way to get the messages on your phone: (from ross)

1. Send a text message to 40404 (it doesn't matter what's in the text
2. You will then receive a text from twitter (40404) asking you to send
your name to confirm you want a twitter mobile account (this may take a
minute); reply to this message with your name.
3. Send a message to 40404 that contains "follow bmoredebate" (as written
exactly here with a space between follow and bmoredebate, without the
4. You should receive a confirmation text from twitter saying that
you'll receive bmoredebate updates

You can learn more about Twitter and sign up to send an receive via AIM
and other computer channels at twitter.com
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