[eDebate] [CEDA-L] Accusations of Illegal Debating

Josh jbhdb8
Fri Nov 2 09:16:58 CDT 2007


In no way am I taking a stance on the appropriateness of SFSU's affirmative
(have not seen/heard it).

I was at the meetings way back when the harassment policy was passed and I
seem to recal that involved the tournament director being ready and in
contact with the host schools sexual harassment officer/office in such
instances.  I cannot remember how discretionary the policy was/is but I
suspect a CEDA officer could answer this easily.  There is also supposed to
be a CEDA sexual harrassment liason as well (I seem to remember Jan Hovden
had this office at one point).

Hope all goes well,


On 11/2/07, Sherry Hall <shahall at comcast.net> wrote:
>  Just to play the advocate here, it is my understanding that CEDA has
> specific policies against harassment in debate rounds.  I know when we put
> an invitation out to our tournament and claim to be "CEDA-sanctioned" we are
> agreeing that those policies will be enforced at the tournament that we are
> hosting.  If people feel that your argument is in violation of those rules,
> what's wrong with asking the tournament to take action.  I must also confess
> that I am not as familiar with the CEDA rules as I am with the NDT governing
> documents, and am not sure what a host is supposed to do in response to such
> accusations.  It is also the case that probably every University in the
> United States has policies opposing harassing language on campus.  From my
> experience with various university policies that were implicated at summer
> debate camps over the years, most universities prefer that harassment issues
> be dealt with within the university before calling in law enforcement
> (unless a physical assault was involved).  Is your objection to last
> weekend's action that your arguments were characterized as "illegal"?  Would
> you really have preferred that police be called?
> Sherry
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>  Hi Sherry,
> I really don't think its necessary - my point is that if someone thinks
> that the law has been violated and wants it enforced, they should call a cop
> and/or an attorney.  The debate tournament is not equiped to deal with those
> claims.
> That being said,  our debaters critique the heteronormativity in
> traditional international relations scholarship and in traditional academic
> debating.  They suggest that the results of heteronormativity have resulted
> in the structuring of terrorism and queerness in similar ways.  They attempt
> to "interrupt these discourses, informed by queer pedagogy, by performing a
> narrative which involves explicit language and some abbreviated, fully
> clothed similated sex acts.  The accusation was that our performance was
> sexual harassment.
> Shawn
> Shawn--
>  I have to agree with Neil.  There is no way for anyone to add
> constructive comments or opinions about this issue when they have no idea
> what you are talking about.  Whether you want to debate the merits of the
> claim or not, some brief explanation of what the issues are -- what is your
> argument?  what is the nature of the accusation of illegality?  -- is
> necessary.  Surely, if someone threatens to kill someone else in a debate
> round, that is not protected speech just because it occurred in the setting
> of a debate round.
>  Sherry
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