[eDebate] Accusations of illegality

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Fri Nov 2 12:19:01 CDT 2007

Shawn writes that he is concerned that administrators from his school will find
out, and that would somehow be bad. Why not explain your strategy to them. If
we have to be subjected to it, then perhaps the rest of the world needs to see 
the grand performance. I am sure the administration will be just as transformed
as all the judges and teams that have witnessed this grand statement.

Isn't there a way to explain to the judge and others that people are being raped
without having to strip down, or actually physically demonstrating rape?

I have always wondered why people who do kritical and performance pieces in
debate rounds always stop short of violence? If the point is to cross
boundaries, then why shouldn't beating the hell out of another person or worse,
sexually assaulting a person be part of your "advocacy?" I don't think people
have thought through the implications of their discourse. I have been tempted
to tell teams that when confronted with nihlism kritiks with "in round"
implications, that they would be quite correct to kick the crap out of the
other team in order to get the win and double thirties. Why not, no rules and
the Uberman, means we can do what ever we want. While they are at it, they
should snatch the ballot out of the judges hands, sign it for themselves and
give themselves 30 speaker points. Hey-anything goes in debate, right?

You can't say that crossing boundaries and violating norms is a good thing and
then arbitrarily draw the line at another culturally derived norm.

I don't think you get some kind of free pass just because you are in a debate
round. You are some how trying to privilege debate round discourse over other
forms of discourse on college campuses. What gives you the right to commit a
real world violation of academic speech codes, sexual harrassment regulations,
or any other law?

I guess we will only begin to realize that it is not "everything goes" when a
student get the shit beat out of them in a round, or a student reacts by
calling the cops because another student exposed himself/herself in a round.


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