[eDebate] Accusations of Illegal Debating

road runner db8coach
Sat Nov 3 16:23:31 CDT 2007

 This doesnt of course mean i am making a debate is inherently racist argument or something, but the question is how do you address these concerns when they come up? How do you deal with differing degrees of perceived racism?

You deal with them outside the debate room. If you feel that a team is using racist language or sexist language, and you feel that it creates a hostile environment, then take it outside the debate room. Take it to the proper authorities. We have rules and laws against it. And we have methods of redress.

Marlow  thinks the new law in oklahoma is racist, if you disagree does that mean he is irresponsible for making that charge? 

Personally, yeah. But if he were to run around telling people that the writer of the law is a racist for writing it, then he should be held accountable for his claim. He may also be guilty of libel. And THAT is what happens in many rounds. Often the argument goes from "the govenment is racist/sexist" to "YOU are a racist/sexist for arguing in favor of the government". And yes, I think this crosses a line that ought not be crossed.

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