[eDebate] Accusations of Illegal Debating

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Fri Nov 2 14:34:47 CDT 2007

its likely that you and i will disagree bout the need of race talk
within  institutions but your lible claims only give me access to my
genocidl propaganda and education claims

On 11/3/07, road runner <db8coach at bak.rr.com> wrote:
> >>>>>>>>>>
>  This doesnt of course mean i am making a debate is inherently racist
> argument or something, but the question is how do you address these concerns
> when they come up? How do you deal with differing degrees of perceived
> racism?
> >>>>>>>>>>
> You deal with them outside the debate room. If you feel that a team is using
> racist language or sexist language, and you feel that it creates a hostile
> environment, then take it outside the debate room. Take it to the proper
> authorities. We have rules and laws against it. And we have methods of
> redress.
> >>>>>>>>>>
> Marlow  thinks the new law in oklahoma is racist, if you disagree does that
> mean he is irresponsible for making that charge?
> >>>>>>>>>>
> Personally, yeah. But if he were to run around telling people that the
> writer of the law is a racist for writing it, then he should be held
> accountable for his claim. He may also be guilty of libel. And THAT is what
> happens in many rounds. Often the argument goes from "the govenment is
> racist/sexist" to "YOU are a racist/sexist for arguing in favor of the
> government". And yes, I think this crosses a line that ought not be crossed.
> Bob

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