[eDebate] 50-Point System

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Fri Nov 2 15:47:35 CDT 2007

how bout we take the top off the scale entirely and let debaters set
the scale in the round with approriate statistical tools regulating
final decisions and opp wins becoming he meaningful tie breaker

On 11/2/07, Donald Bryson <anabaptist at alltel.net> wrote:
> I think that Wake's proposal is fantastic and forward thinking.  They are
> not saying that this is the absolute system that must be used throughout the
> community and to my knowledge, they haven't even said that they would use it
> next year.
> At the simplest level, this is an experiment and a good one at that.  As
> Ross has said over and over, it is causing the judge pool to RETHINK how
> they give and what speaker points are given (who knew you could see a
> "rethink" alt that might actually solve?).
> The scale that Ross gave out is functional and his reasoning behind not
> using "20-30" makes perfect sense to me.  If it has been tried before then
> The question keeps coming up about the 20-30 scale however.  I think that
> two points are overlooked about this scale.
> 1) The scale TECHNICALLY is 0-30.  OBVIOUSLY people aren't looking at this
> scale realistically if the community norm is 26.5-30.
> 2) As stated before, IT HAS BEEN TRIED BEFORE.  However, the community has
> the idea in its head that 24 is bad.  But if you look at 24/30 from a grade
> standpoint then that debater still got a B-, which means that everything
> given from a 27 up is equivalent to an A.  How many A- to A+ debates do we
> really see and how many do we give out?  RETHINK
> Even at a much simpler level, the new scale allows for better
> differentiation between speakers.  It allows for the equivalent of quarter
> points (.25). With the 50-point scale a 28 translates roughly into a 46.5
> (46.666, actually).  A 28.5 translates into a 47.5, which means that we can
> now have the equivalent to a 28.25.
> I like the idea.  There is a chance that it won't work, but the only reason
> it won't work is if this supposedly progressive community doesn't break out
> of it's 5-point scale mindset.
> Seriously, why don't we just do a 0-5 scale?
> Donald Bryson
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