[eDebate] [CEDA-L] 100 point scale, not 50

Alfred Snider alfred.snider
Sun Nov 4 16:32:16 CST 2007

Ross Smith wrote:
> So, we originally had in mind a 50 point scale where you could still use 
> half points.
> My message analogizing to grades required people to divide 100 by 2 to 
> get the idea.
> Several people have pointed out that we might as well use a 100 point 
> scale (without half points). Maybe it would be more "natural" to 
> educators and students who are used to giving and getting grades on such 
> a scale.
> Since there is no mathematical difference, I have no objection (nor does 
> Gary Larson, tab engineer).
> What do people think? Does the 100 point scale help with the gestalt?
The 100-point scale is used at the World Universities Debating Championship.

Here is the breakdown. There seems to be a lot of wiggle room. I hope 
the formatting comes through:

Excellent to flawless. The standard of speech you would expect to see 
from a speaker at the Semi Final / Grand Final level of the tournament. 
This speaker has many strengths and few, if any, weaknesses.

Above average to very good. The standard you would expect to see from a 
speaker at the finals level or in contention to make to the finals. This 
speaker has clear strengths and some minor weaknesses.

Average. The speaker has strengths and weaknesses and roughly equal 

Poor to below average. The team has clear problems and some minor strengths.

Very poor. This speaker has fundamental weaknesses and few, if any, 

This system seems to work well to produce a "spread" of scores. There 
are usually very few ties.

This is just a FYI.


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