[eDebate] new point scale

Josh jbhdb8
Mon Nov 5 10:39:44 CST 2007

Lets hope everyone follows the scale, and that there isnt a group of 95-100
judges pitted against a group of 70-100 judges.

Should be interesting,


On 11/4/07, Malcolm Gordon <malgorthewarrior at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Let's up the ante here.  100 points, in increments of 1/10 a point.
> that's right there will now be 1000 degrees of variation in debate skill.
> at the end of the round the judge will just tally all the args you make that
> are decent.  but you will be deducted one point for every argument you don't
> answer.  Also, this allows the debaters to determine the value of
> arguments.  "you have conceded," a phrase heard about one million times
> every round, will now be "you have conceded x and its worth y points."  A
> great way to fuse both communication and mathematics into debate.
> but seriously, i do support a 100 point system with only whole numbers.  I
> really do think that the comparison between quality of speech and grade
> percentage is easy to make and much more universally understood.  C is
> average, B above average, A excellent.
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