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Ede Warner ewarner
Mon Nov 5 11:17:18 CST 2007

Josh's concern is likely to become the reality.  As long as the community sees such variance in terms of what constitutes a "good debating", I suspect there are limits to what can be accomplished here to "fix points problems."  That said, there are 2 problems being addressed: a more universal scale (which this addresses) and a more universal community-wide belief of what constitutes an "A" or a "C" (which this doesn't). 
As long as the 2nd problem exists, and people make political choices to use the ballot to fix that problem, it will limit the likelihood of fixing the 1st problem.  More universal scale without more universal agreement on what is an "A" may be a step in the right direction.  It would be interesting to hear Tuna's thoughts about how the international group thinks about good diversity.  In other words, is there more a universal sense of what is good debate internationally, and does the scale overcome or further entrench those differences if that universal sense doesn't exist?  Just some thoughts...


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Lets hope everyone follows the scale, and that there isnt a group of 95-100 judges pitted against a group of 70-100 judges.
Should be interesting,


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