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There are certainly conflicting reports.  Past discussions have indicated that in fact, the flight from CEDA began long before the merger.  In fact, I think Korcok made the argument and brought the evidence, but perhaps I'm mistaken on who made the claim, but it's certainly has been made, more than once.

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I am not wading into this discussion except to clarify something Ede
says that is factually incorrect:

On 11/7/07, Ede Warner <ewarner at louisville.edu> wrote:
Look I wasn't in CEDA in the
> mid-1980s and I have no idea what real evidence you have to support your
> claims that it was so much better than the NDT in terms of balance,
> diversity, whatever.  Here is what I know:  CEDA died for some reason and
> became the NDT.  Period.

Perhaps instead of a "period" you should have used a question mark.
CEDA was healthy as  an ox at the time of the merger. The national
tournament broke to triples. There was healthy regional debate. Hell,
there were over twenty community colleges taken CEDA teams to their
national tournament. CEDA made a mistake and surrendered its dominant
position but it was not dying Ede.

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