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Stop the contradictions Scott...On one hand, it's all NDT's fault but on the other, let's blame "peformance".  Performance is more an evolution of the diversity in CEDA than anything in the NDT, even the kritik.  So which is it?  NDT's domination or CEDA's creativity that is destroying your type of debate.  Which type is that btw?
I'll concede, CEDA was big at the merger, but won't concede that was it's largest active enrollment.  Compartive advantage.
As far your mischaracterization that anything I have said sanctions the types of performances you speak of, prove it.  Not been my argument, you are ignoring the foundation of my claim.  Balance that prevents extremism good.  Another weak attempt to discredit me.
The evolution to fast speaker can only occur in an insular climate.  Take that insulation away: some debates in front of expert judges like professors on the topic; some debates in front of random judging; and some in front of lay judging.  That diversity is a check and balance against your evolution to fast debate.


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all you have to do is look at two things:

1) CEDA membership prior to the merger--almost 300--and now only about a 100
plus programs. Loss of 2/3 of membership is a huge indictment.

2) Tournaments. The closest tournament for my program is literally 10 or more
hours away. I used to be able to go to 5 CEDA tournaments within my own state.

All I know is the facts on the ground from when I was coaching at the EXACT time
of the merger. Post-merger, ALL Louisiana debate programs except mine quit doing
CEDA within two years.

I doubt your solutions of alternative formats--letting people simulate rape and
showing porn in rounds, as well as complaining every round that debate is
inherently racist-is going to bring any of these programs back from Parly.

By the way, I have no problem with slow debate, but people tend to evolve
naturally into faster forms of speaking. I bet even your debaters speak
relatively faster than most every day conversational english, when they debate
in rounds.


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