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scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Wed Nov 7 12:15:13 CST 2007

Ede, why do you think I am mounting some type of personal attack. I am not
trying to discredit you. I am trying to point out some factual issues.

I agree with you that the speedy nature and over-reliance on masses of
"evidence" led to and continues to lead to the decline of CEDA debate.

However, I do not think your "project," and debate as performance art is going
to stem the decline or bring schools back into the fold.

Lay judges and "experts in the field" are fine with me. I had to adapt to my
judges all the time when I was a debater. I have been pretty consistent in my
criticism that MPJ creates the insularity you speak of. This shift occurred
primarily after, and because of, the merger between NDT and CEDA.

I have some very simple and concrete proposals that I do not think are
contridictory and I have advocated for years:

1) focus on regional debate rather then the national mega-tournament death march
to the NDT

2) Topics that are narrower. Or, minimally, topics that constitute a coherent
declarative sentence. LOL

3) Semester long topics

4) Topicality as a voting issue.

Example: I read the case outline of SFSU. I even went and read the "I was a sex
slave for the Taliban" article they cite. [Very nice, I am sure administrators
would love to read that during budget time.] I don't think they offer a
security guarantee or forieng assistance. And, they should lose, even if they
break me of my heteronormativity through their discourse. Making T a voter
would go a long way toward reigning in those who believe that shoving bullwhips
up their ass is the only way to explain sadomasochism's critique of patriarchy.

5) getting rid of mpj

Almost everyone of these issues arose immediately prior to or as a consequence
of the NDT/CEDA merger Ede. Frankly I was shocked to see the extent to which
policy debate has died when I returned to coaching. I went off on the CEDA
hierarchy because tournaments were not posted in time to make travel
arrangements--only to find out there WERE NO TOURNAMENTS. Look at the Spring
Schedule. After January, there is virtually nothing other than NDT Districts
and a littany of "National Championships."

If you truly support diviersity--which I believe you do--then I am at a loss as
to why you do not join me in supporting these changes. But simply stating on
e-debate or having your students claim in debate rounds that debate is not
diverse is not enough. There are real changes that can be made to the structure
of CEDA (I give no hope for NDT) that would make the world of debate a better
and more diverse place.


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