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Ross Smith smithr
Sun Nov 11 12:38:28 CST 2007

correlation "creates" disparity?

What evidence did you use to "find" that Wake debaters are "functionally 
turned into machines"?

Ya'll debate this? What evidence was used? What were the strongest 
arguments on the other side of the questions? Or just sit around and 
talk to each other about how your perspectives agree with one another's?

We find also that there is often a
direct correlation between available finances and team success ? such
as Northwestern and Wake Forest, among others. This creates an
educational disparity at the point where these teams are able to hire
more coaches and assistants to cut cards ? debaters are functionally
turned into machines. In addition, the debate experience at these
places is much different than one found at a smaller or less
prestigious debate program, who have to deal with tenuous budgets and
lack of resources ? affecting the feelings of comfort and security.

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