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scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Mon Nov 12 20:35:40 CST 2007

Louisville and Illnois: You all had a choice. You chose to support the MAN the
day you and your coaches made the entries into the wake Tournament. We at the
University of Louisiana Lafayette chose to bypass Wake on our way to
Appalachian State this weekend--even though Wake was closer to the Greensboro
airport. Forfieitng rounds does nothing to support your cause--it is a perfect
example of symbolic action with no substance. Only by program directors
choosing to avoid the death march to the NDT will you ever truly break down the
national circuit is THE only circuit for research based debate. Your forfiet
means nothing.

We enjoyed the family atmosphere of the regional tournament, and I even had the
pleasure of judging a Louisville team--leading to at least a forty minute
discussion about the different forms of racism inherent in this activity as
well as just how insidious the assimilation of policy debate's pathos and
techne is on students. I think a lot of the people who attended Wake lost
opportunities to participate in a great regional tournament.

Scott Elliott

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