[eDebate] Winks and movements

Kade Olsen kade.olsen
Thu Nov 15 16:41:13 CST 2007

I am going to write this and not post on edebate until I graduate

When I was writing the email I was talking about discussions like
conditionality good/bad and object fiat good/bad. I'll be the first to
admit I suck at expressing myself, but  I think my 2nd post clarified
my view.  In debates that is "policy" , or whatever the hell we want
to call it,  focused there tends not to be a "Value" debate because
there is an implicit one agreed upon.  I was responding to Josh's
complaint that "no one has value debates on conditionality."  I was
suggesting no one does because they've already agreed on one.  A lot
of folk debating view debate as first  a game.
I also pointed out there is obvious value discussions in other
"framework" or whatever debates.  What is more important "artificially
limiting the topic or Greater access?"  I just thought even in those
debates the "over arching value" is that debate is such a cool
activity, we should determine how to make it better.    Personally,
don't like it when people talk about debate as SOLELY a Training
ground.  There is a lot of other good things about debate besides
training. A lot of concerns about current debate [access, resources,
discrimination] all seem like problems that make debate a lot poorer
than it could be.  Will fixing these problems require drastic changes
to current debate?  Most likely yes.  Does that mean "debate" will no
longer exist and it will no longer be a competitive activity? Probably
I guess I just screwed up when I labeled something "debate."  I did
not mean "the  assumptions we make about the debate practice as it  is
currently  constituted."  I mean the big broad concept of "debate."
Discussion, critical thinking,  competition, and preperation .  Thats
the part I love.  I've thought about this before, but I'm pretty sure
if there was never policy debate I would have done LD, or Public
Forum, and Parliamentary debate.  I would have kept doing Model UN.
 I think most of us [by the nature that we have chosen to continue
attending CEDA/NDT instead of APDA or NPDA or College LD] agree that
this community has something going on that others don't.  These are
largely the parts that David pointed out as being great.

The moral of this story is I should type less and I hate computers.

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