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Ede Warner ewarner
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shannahan voted against us at the '05 NDT when debating Fullerton BM, because Ebony in the 2AC did not acknowledge that we didn't stood on Native America land.  I was later told that this argument had worked earlier in front of bill which is why BM ran it.  I'm not dismissive of the claim Joe, don't know why you think that.  I'm dismissive of the strategic use of the claim.  I haven't heard many out of round, or in round movements to discuss land claims.
I'm comparing the strategic use of arguments to win debates against Louisville, which happens all the time, against what my students do.  I'm real interested in hearing your righteous indignation in support of my position on segregation, the exclusion of Black debaters and Black teams at the time, and the move to speed debate and whether it lives on a par with your concern about me mischaracterizing the plight of Native America land claims.  Cause given that your sole concern is whether I've been dismissive, I still don't see you acknowledging the debate is stolen position.  So let me ask, are you really willing to dismiss such a gross injustice which allowed us to inherit the game we have today illegally?  Do tell?


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Ede says:
You see, when a debate team wins on the argument that we stand on stolen property and must recognize that Native Americans deserve their land back, but then we walk out of that room, and spend little if any time acting on that recognition, we are recommitting the atrocity of land theft all over again

This part requires more explanation for the slower among us Ede because from a distance it looks like an outrageous claim without a warrant. I have seen students perspectives changed as a result of debates that you describe and I wonder what gives you the insight to be so dismissive of that

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