[eDebate] [CEDA-L] The costs of a game, part 1: An unethical, amoral center

Duane Hyland privethedge
Fri Nov 16 07:24:36 CST 2007

Hi, Dr. Warner I'd take your claims a whole lot more seriously if you could produce the name of one tournament administrator who has denied your team's admittance to their tournaments. I'd take your claims a lot more seriously if you could show me one tournament that has decreed that African American debaters will have  less prep time their white or Asian counterparts, if you could produce a single instance where your school was charged more to enter a tournament than another, or if you could show one instance of where your school's team was afforded less speaking time than the other's. Since you probably can't - your claims that there is somehow a racist conspiracy by THE MAN to hold y'all back are nonsense. 

When Louisville's football team takes the field they play football - you know, forward passing, off-tackle runs, the blitz..all of that stuff. And those games are governed by rules, and those rules are enforced by referees who are well trained in the rules of the game. Why in the name of God would you want your debaters to be judged by people not familiar with the activity or the rules? As an academic, wouldn't you want your teams judged by the very best judges, under the very best conditions? I mean  what if your department hired someone off the street, with no academic credentials, to teach Comm Theory - wouldn't you be a bit resentful - I don't think you'd want your students, who you obviously love and esteem, exposed to anything less than a quality educator - why expose them to anything less than a quality judge?

I don't get you. I respect your work - and I've voted for numerous high school teams running the style of debate you've created - because I think debate is a contest of arguments and you vote for the best argument in the round...but I don't get how you think you're the victim some form of oppression - if memory serves correctly you had a team in the quarter-finals of the NDT a few years ago - now, I guess you could say that since that team didn't win the NDT there's a conspiracy against you and your team - but I would say that perhaps you should spend some time thinking about all the coaches in this nation who coach and who never have a team get that far - heck, who never get a team to the NDT - then maybe you'd see that you've been blessed not mistreated. My pastor always tells me that when you think the world is against you - look around and concentrate on what you've been blessed with, then the rest of it won't matter so much - maybe you should try it.


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