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This was a shallow reading at best.  My point was that other groups SHOULD be represented more in these discussions...No one called for multiculturalism or weighing of oppressions or to shut down black-white discussions...you point an offensive finger my way that is not appreciated...You have pointed to nothing in the post to indicate a basis for your claims

Andy Ellis <andy.edebate at gmail.com> wrote: Ok, so shower and some coffee and i realize absolutely i cant make
that argument that shallowly...1) Attempts like JT's to read a
multiverse of oppressions against a specific relationship of
oppression shut down (intentionally) discussions of black white
racism, but do nothing at all for the other struggles he
enumerates...pointing out that there are other isms does not make them
go away nor does it address the specific contexts in which they are
situated, but it does sanction the participants in the other struggles
as part of what seems to be a shallow multiculturalism , with or with
out their consent. "INSERT GROUP OF REBELLIOUS YOUTH HERE" did not
respond to the slogan black power by saying thats not fair why cant it
be a rainbow of diverse power, we need a black secertary of commerce a
woman at secertary of state, Latino men at HUD and energy on down the
list, no they said black power...then they said red power or people
power...but the vision of diversity and change articulated by JT lacks
that umph and more articulates a position thats maybe like "clinton
like diversity...a model for the university"...but the point is that
JT is rhetorically positioning other non black groups as some how at
odds with the agenda of change sufficient enough that we should stop
talking about it..or at least change how we talk about it...this is
the assumption that black white racism discussions margenialize non
black white minorities more than if they where not taking place at
all, or less than they would if we had a more multicultural
approach....2) Just because discussions about black white racism occur
does not mean that they situate all racism as such,the attempt to
disconnect these singulars from their historical context in order to
create a universality of culture and oppression is garbage. This is
the non prioritization of oppressions that enables oppression. 3) what
does performance debate have to with anti black racism4) ede is right
about the space opened up for other criticisms by one line of


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