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Darren Elliott delliott
Tue Nov 20 15:20:43 CST 2007


You are right that the correlation is not necessarily 100% true.  Though I will still argue it has had some positive effect on their numbers.

However, being committed to novice debate in "action" as you put it and not just in rhetoric will make people make some tough choices.

What happens when those committed to Novice are tired of seeing their novices quit because of the willingness of some to put debaters with extensive HS LD experience in Novice?  Then your novices have to move up or quit--makes your disads inevitable.

What happens when programs take their novices to regions where coaches have made a commitment in "action" to novice debate by protecting them against ethical lapses?  Your program can afford to go along with them but your LD debaters will still have to move up and if you choose not to go there will be no novice in this region meaning your ld debaters still have to move up. Again, your disads become inevitable.

To prevent that, what are you offering in return?  If it is about numbers and you are committed to participation, what can you offer the novices who quit this year and years past?

I was merely saying the ADA got it right with their rule.  The rest of us should follow suit.


Darren Elliott
Director of Debate and Forensics--KCKCC

 <debate at ou.edu> 11/20/2007 10:16 AM >>>

So after reading many posts, and this continuous reference to the "ADA"

let me make it clear that just because a region has large amounts of novice debate and they have a certain rule does not mean changing the rule in other places will increase novice debate.

Sorry, not even close to a "true" causal argument.  Correlations are everywhare, and in many of the posts.

ADA regions have more novice debate.

ADA regions are more committed to novice debate than most people in our region.

Simple answer.  Changin a rule doesnt make novices appear.  People have to be committed to novice debate, not just in rhetoric and rules, but in action.  This is the problem, not some LD qualifcation rule.

Just wanted to get this "correlative" evidence sized up.


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