[eDebate] Laramie Results

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Mon Oct 1 07:13:55 CDT 2007

Speaker awards:
1. T. Johnson, Wyoming
2. J. Piechura, Wyoming
3. M. DeMasters, Idaho State
4. M. Bausch, Wyoming
5. M. Heaton, Weber State
6. M. Marinelli, Denver
7. K. Nickel, Wyoming
8. D. "The Rock" Milavetz, Denver
9. G. Harper, Wyoming
10. A Ridgeway, Idaho State
Wyoming NP advances without debating
Wyoming BJ 3-0 over Denver MM
Wyoming HM 3-0 over Denver/Wyoming hybrid LS
Wyoming BB 2-1 over Weber State HH
We also had a rookie division (three rounds), which was won by Weber State's Javier Chavez & Brad Willams.  Congratulations Javier and Brad, and stick with this.
Thanks to Denver, Weber, ISU and Wyoming for making a four-school tournament a quarters-sized tournament.  Free tournaments are a good idea too.
Matt Stannard
Wyoming Speech and Debate Union
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