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MAY 3, 4, AND 5, 2008


>  1. Schools that do not comply with deadlines will be assessed a nuisance fee
> of $50 and will not have the option of participating in judge preferences or
> strikes! The deadline for both fully qualified entries and "at-large"
> applications in both divisions is March 15, 2008. The deadline for the payment
> of all fees is April 1, 2008. "At-large" applicants will not be notified and
> fully qualified teams will not be entered into the tournament until all fees
> are paid.
>  2.  The TOC Tournament Director has NO hired judges available.  SCHOOLS MUST
> SUPPLY THEIR OWN JUDGES.  If the person supplied is not a full time teacher of
> a school, the applicant may be required to submit  the qualifications of the
> designated judge to the Tournament Director. The TOC Director will refer
> people who wish to judge to those who desire to hire judges.  All such
> arrangements will be  between the designated school and the person wishing to
> be hired.
>  3.  In both policy and LD, tournaments designated as a quarter-final or
> octa-final qualifier must have at least six preliminary rounds; otherwise, the
> bid drops to the semi-finals level.
>  4.  If a school has not submitted judging philosophies for all of its judges
> by 7 days before the TOC, that school will not be offered a preference and
> strike sheet for the TOC and will be assessed a nuisance fee of $50.
>  6.  A team or an LD debater must win at least one elimination round to be
> eligible for a "ghost bid."  For example, if a tournament breaks at the
> double-octos level and is a TOC qualifier at the octos level, if two people or
> teams from the same school meet in the octos round, a ghost bid would be
> awarded.  If a tournament breaks at the octos level and is a TOC qualifier at
> the quarters level, and two people or teams from the same school meet in the
> quarters, a ghost bid would be awarded. On the other hand, if a tournament
> breaks to the octafinals and  people from the same school meet in the octos, a
> ghost bid would not be awarded.  In this case, since there was no double
> octos, the people meeting would not have won an out round and would not
> eligible for a ghost bid.
>  7.  In policy debate, a team must have two qualifiers as a team to qualify
> for the TOC.  If a team does not have two quals AS A TEAM, then they may
> submit for an at-large bid. Debaters from the same school who have two or more
> bids but have not debated together may also submit for an "at-large" bid.
    8. Tournament Directors must submit complete result sheets no more than thirty days after the tournament is held.
    For tournaments held after March 1st, the results must be certified by March 10th. This includes the debaters full
    names, their schools, and state


Aaron Timmons, Director of Debate at the Greenhill School, has certified the 2008 TOC qualifiers for the Greenhill Invitational.  The Greenhill Invitational is a TOC qualifier in both Policy and Lincoln Douglas at the Octofinal level.


 Toni Pelli and Tommy Beyer,   Chattahoochee  High School   (GA)
  Mike Lacy and Matt Foretich,   Chattahoochee  High School   (GA)
  Evan DeFilippis and James Hamraie,   Colleyville Heritage High School   (TX)
  Andrew Murray and Alex Nasr,   Colleyville Heritage High School   (TX)
  Andres Gannon and Trevor Chenoweth,   Damien High School   (CA)
  Winston Luo and Grant Peretz,   Glenbrook South High School   (IL)
  Juan Garcia and Nat Olson,   Highland Park    Minnesota
  Neal Sharma and Ryan Kelkar,   Jenks High School   (OK)
  Vanessa Bernick and Rob Rein,   New Trier Township High School   (IL)
  Jennifer Armstrong and Peyton Lee,   Pace Academy   (GA)
  Danny Mapes and Michael Perbeck,   Shawnee Mission East High School   (KA)
  Alex Katz and Jordan Blumenthal,   St. Mark's School of Texas   (TX)
  William Karlson and Brian Cole,   Stratford Academy   Georgia
  Daniel Sharp and Ryan Beiermeister,   The Kinkaid School   (TX)
  Anshu Sathian and Elizabeth Allan,   Westminster Schools   (GA)
  Priyanka Anand and Rajesh Jegadeesh,   Westminster Schools   (GA)


  Chris Theis,   Apple Valley High School   (MN)
  Ben Holguin,   Edina High School   (MN)
  David McNeil,   Edina High School   (MN)
  Lindsay Dolan,   Hockaday School   (TX)
  Joan Gass,   Hockaday School   (TX)
  Shivani Vohra,   Hockaday School   (TX)
  Bilal Malik,   James Logan High School   (CA)
  Vivian Ho,   Marcus High School   (TX)
  Daniel Garber,   Mountain View High School   (CA)
  Wade Houston,   Oak Mountain High School   (AL)
  David Donatti,   Strake Jesuit College Preparatory   (TX)
  Paul Tyger,   Strake Jesuit College Preparatory   (TX)
  Becca Traber,   The Kinkaid School   (TX)
  Jake Nebel,   Trinity Prep School   (FL)
  Devin Race,   Westlake High School   (TX)
  Ben Clancy,   Westwood High School   (TX)

JW Patterson

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