[eDebate] CIDD Japan Tour---Call for Hosts

Janas, Michael mjjanas
Tue Oct 2 12:25:18 CDT 2007

The Committee for International Discussion and Debate

of the National Communication Association



a tour of the United States by the


Japanese National Debating Team


Approximate dates: late February through March



If you are interested in hosting the British debaters, please contact
the tour director by no later than 15 November 2007!


Michael Janas

mjjanas at samford.edu

Department of Communication Studies

Samford University

Birmingham, AL 35229

205.7 26.2509



The fee for hosting the Japanese team is $800.00 for a single stop.  So
that we can maximize the number of debates and minimize the amount of
travel, there is a $100.00 discount for every additional school you can
add to your stop.   Hosts also provide, at minimum, lodging, meals, and
local transportation.


To place a bid to host the team, please send the following information:


School or organization name

Contact name and address (must include current contact information)

Telephone and email

Desired dates-please include several dates, in your order of preference

Billing address


Suggestions for prospective hosts...


Include the debate in conjunction with special on-campus or community

Let the dean know what you do

Find other schools in the area who are also interested in hosting (each
you can get a discount on the hosting fee, but it allows you to share
hosting costs and makes scheduling easier and sites more attractive)



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