[eDebate] if you use the whitman template/word 2007/word for mac

Jim Hanson hansonjb
Wed Oct 3 12:23:07 CDT 2007

hey all

some programs use a version of the whitman template or have their own template with macros.

I figured I would share a few things:

1. word 2007 uses a different file format. currently, macs cannot read that format (although there are some rogue translators that might do the job). word 2003 and earlier users have to download a 27mb file to translate word 2007 file formats.
to avoid these hassles, in word 2007, go into options, and change the default save format to word 97-2003 format to solve this.

2. the whitman template has, to my knowledge, not been tested in word 2007, and I would guess a number of its features/macros don't work because word 2007 changed a bunch of internal stuff. most definitely, the toolbars won't appear. I plan to test it out sometime this year.

3. word for mac 2008 will not use the same macro engine as windows anymore. so, templates for windows won't work in macs with that version of office (2008). I'm not sure what to say about that other than stick to office x or 2004 or parallels/bootcamp to a windows version of word.

4. a reminder that the whitman template does not work in word 2002 (usually called word xp). it causes a style bug and for any files used repeatedly--they will begin to crash. word 2003 is best.

jim :)
hansonjb at whitman.edu
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