[eDebate] Kentucky pref deadline

Bruschke, Jon jbruschke
Wed Oct 3 13:06:36 CDT 2007

The Kentucky entries have been turned off and you can now enter ordinal


The deadline is FRIDAY BY 3:00PM.


You can use some new tools to help you with the ordinal ranking task.
>From the main menu, look under the "Account Management" section and find
the "Manage Master Pref Lists" link.  Full instructions are on the page,
and there have been edebate posts that try to help clarify what's going


Finally, please take a moment to update your account.  Delete the names
and emails of coaches no longer at your school, mark as unaffiliated any
judges who are no longer with your school, and mark as inactive any
students who have graduated or stopped debating.  All of this can be
done on the "Enter, edit, and remove names" link under "Account







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