[eDebate] Consult, Hardy, Blah

Jason Russell jasonlrussell1
Thu Oct 4 13:38:20 CDT 2007

Consult is dumb, admittedly. It should not be hard to beat dumb
counterplans. I'm with PJ that this predilection would be better left
exposed by judges as an educational device rather than held as an
argumentative intervention by a judge. Arguments are arguments and are only
as good as the debaters they are presented by. All arguments are designed to
disadvantage the other team. If they aren't, they're probably not useful
arguments. Get a grip and stop imposing yourself on the debaters. If you
want to educate, don't do it with the ballot; do it with your ideas.

BTW, D'Amico, speaker points ought not to be used to judge the debaters'
scepticism toward the existence of God (atheism). Perhaps you should use
them to judge aesthetic appeal. Big words are confusing. And, as an aside,
debate arguments ain't pretty and if you think they are, you should really
consider a social life.

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