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Thu Oct 4 19:30:59 CDT 2007

I have read a couple of posts from the astonishingly happy Dr. Elliott.

First post -- 

My kids quit when i tell them the topic.

Second Post --

Some teams dont abide by the topic.

I wont even address this Inherency is a voting issue.  Prove abuse.


Here is my slant. I think that the topics are still too constraining.  I dont think that you are fairly characterizing Ron Green's 
argument or even the awkward slant my team may have  (if he disagrees) about how Switch side debate promotes 
exceptionalism.  Just like a disad, exceptionalism bad.    Simple debate.  Dont delegitimize on edebate as  some claim to stop 
genocide in Darfur, who the hell said this?  I really hope it was not my students.


Most of my kids probably cant even recite the topic, but I got twelve teams, and they seem to enjoy debate.  They know of the 
risks of getting some judges that will not vote for them, even if they OUT DEBATE the other team with EVIDENCE.  They know 
they may lose on topicality.  But this is what makes them want to debate.  And when we are negative, we will not argue 
topicality or inherency. (at least most of them)

And by the way, your still living on stolen ground homie, that much is still true.....



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