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Jason Jarvis debatekorea
Thu Oct 4 23:28:08 CDT 2007

Hansung University in Seoul, South Korea is initiating a search for two faculty members with strong backgrounds in debate.  A BA is acceptable, but candidates with an MA or PHD are preferred.  I have attached the application form and a formal job description is below.  If you have questions about the job please email them to Dr. Wee at:

namsook at gmail.com

RecruitmentAd for March 2008 PositionPostedBy: Hansung University  Hansung University in Seoul, South Korea, seeks a well-qualified,highly motivated native English speaker, enthusiastic about teaching, to becomea full-time faculty member (non-tenure track) in the Hansung Institute ofLanguage Education. 1. Qualifications: Language education majors with MAor TESOL specialists are              preferred.2. Contract Period: One academic year (March 1, 2008 ? February 28, 2009)              and renewable3. Teaching Obligation: Minimum 15 lecture hours perweek(1) If there is a need, instructors may be required toteach non-credit enrichment            classes during semesters.(2) Instructors are also responsible for class-relatedextra activities, student               counseling, committee work and attendance at faculty meetings. (3) If needed, all instructors are required to teachclasses of the summer           or winter school. 4. Payment:              (1) BA holder will receive \2,400,000 per month (before tax)             (2) MA holder in language education will receive from \2,500,000 per              month (before tax)             Allowances such as medical insurance and private school annuity will be               provided. Salary can be raised according to lecturer's successfulachievement.      Extrawork demanded by the University can be compensated. 5. Housing: Free housing minus utilities can beprovided if any vacant school house             is available. Otherwise, \300,000 for housing subsidy will be paid onoff-campus             residence.6. Vacation: Two month-paid vacation per year7. Required Documents:             (1) Application Form (downloadable)             (2) CV with a cover letter             (3) Copies of diplomas and certificates             (4) Copies of academic transcripts for the screening processOfficial sealed transcripts should be mailed to theUniversity directly from the designated college or university for final approval.              (5) 2 recent Recommendation Letters from former employers or professors                         including phone numbers or email addresses.             (6) Copy of ID page of passport Please submit your application form first by e-mail toeunice814 at hansung.ac.kr, which should be followed by all the requireddocuments via regular mail to the following address no later than October 27,2007.               Gui-Sun Moon       Professor of English Department        389Samseon-dong 3-ga, Seongbuk-gu        Seoul136-792, Korea

Jason L. Jarvis

Assistant Dean and Lecturer,
Korea Development Institute Graduate School of Public Policy and Management

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