[eDebate] Using speaker points as a bludgeon

Aaron Baker bitmapverse
Fri Oct 5 13:07:09 CDT 2007

The way I see it, if the argument that consult CPs are bad (destroy
education, dumb down debate, etc.) is true, then it takes care of itself
without needing judge intervention before the round. If an A-SPEC debate or
Consult debate is shitty, negative speaker points will result because the
debate is bad. The only case where dismissing them a priori could possibly
make sense is if every debate ever lost education because Consult or A-SPEC
was in it. Even if that were true, it would yield the same result as a judge
who gives lower speaks for a poor debate. And since there will always be a
few rounds that benefit from those arguments, there will always be a few
debaters you screw out of high speaks for running an argument you don't
approve of. In short, there is only a risk of a solvency deficit.

But I think Aaron's statement, if not his justification for it, is very
helpful. It tells me never to run those arguments in front of him because
he's biased against them.
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