[eDebate] Baltimore College Debate Fall Champs Dec 1-2 ( Please read not your avg. Tourney invite)

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sat Oct 6 22:16:34 CDT 2007

Full invite coming soon but i wanted to alert you to two features of the
tournament that will hopefully encourage you to join us in baltimore in Dec.

1. The novice division will be one day,three of  four rounds. We are still
working out details, but the point is to encourage novice level debate in a
way that doesnt force students to give up their whole weekend in order to
debate. Sometimes its easy to forget that the things we take for granted
present high entry barriers to the activity, so in that spirit we will try
this out.Details coming soon.

2. We will also partner with the Baltimore urban debate league college
access program to use this tournament as college fair. During lunch we will
provide teams with tables so that they can presentt information about their
program to  high school debaters. We have done this in a n ad hoc way in the
past however for this one it is likely that we will officaly partner up and
try to utilize all available resources to provide  students and coaches the
opportunity to meet and discuss college and debate with  college debaters
and coaches. Dec 1 and 2 is right befor ethe application deadline for many
colleges and this is a great chance to get to students before that deadline.

3)(i know i said two but here is the third) the jv/and varsity divison will
run as normal.

ok i am going to get back to work on the Frederick Douglass tournament which
is going on now (and results will come out tomorrow)
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