[eDebate] Frederick Douglass Results

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Mon Oct 8 12:00:16 CDT 2007

We had  a great tournament this weekend, here are some results

Open Out rounds
* Johns Hopkins LP Qualified for Quarters but where unable to compete

Richmond Df Advances without debating
JMU LW over Richmond BK 3-0
JMU CN over Towson MP 3-0

JMU CN over Richmond DF 3-0

JMU CN & FW Close out

JV Breakout
Towson MV over Loyola/Howard RR 3-0
Towson EV over Marist DT

Towson MV & Towson EV Closeout

*Johns Hopkins HS qualified for elimination rounds but was unable to compete
Vandy FW advances without debating
Vandy CG advances without debating
Vandy HK advances without debating
JMU Dh over Vandy DG 3-0

Vandy FW over JMU DH
Vandy CG over Vandy HK

Vandy FW and Vandy CG Close out

Open Speakers
1. Mary Mosley JMU
2. Mycal Kelly Richmond
3.Hong Mei Pang Towson
4. Kevin Park Johns Hopkins
5 Shruti Chaganti JMU
6 James Farr Richmond
7 Iman Brickus Towson
8 Sean Lowry JMU
9 Josh Lachewitz Johns Hopkins
10. Tom Bako Towson

Junior Varsity Speaker Awards
1. Leon Ramsey - Loyola College of Maryland
2. Andrea Militaru Towson
3 Ericka Vaughn Towson
4. Ben Morgan Towson
5. Tiffany Price JMU
6. Lia Voinova Towson
7. Tori Federwish JMU
8 Sam Timinsky- Marist
9.Thomas Webb JMU
10. Sohrab Najafabadi

Novice Speaker Awards
1. Richard Waller Vanderbilt
2. Ashlei BoBo Richmond
3. Dan Hochman Johns Hopkins
4 Kevin Sallee Johns Hopkins
5 Siri Kadire Vanderbilt
6 Ryan Fiste Vanderbilt
7 Courteny Green Vanderbilt
8 Lynn Lavecchia Towson
9 Matt Hudson JMU
10 Jon Izer Towson

Congratulations to the Dukes, Commodores, and Tigers for their division wins
and we would like to welcome Leon Ramsey and Loyola College of Maryland to
the College debate community.
Thanks to all participants and we will see you again in December.

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