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Darren Elliott delliott
Tue Oct 9 18:55:43 CDT 2007

This is an unofficial announcement regarding a Full-Time Teaching/Coaching Job at KCKCC beginning Fall 2008.

We will be replacing a Full-Time Speech Faculty Position for 2008.  The Dean of Humanities and the Provost and I are in discussions regarding the wording for the position to make it an Assistant Coaching Position for the Debate Team.  The position will likely be posted in the Spring and appointment for the Faculty member will definitely be in the Fall of 2008.

Some highlights about why you should be interested:
*Excellent Support for the Debate Team.  Our budget has increased every year since the establishment of the Policy Program when I came here 6 years ago.  It has tripled in size.  We have the capacity to travel to every tournament we want to go to.  The Provost is a big fan of debate, his son being one of the best to come through KU.  The Dean is very committed to the program and the Board of Trustees and President love the press debate gets.  A member of the Board and the College Attorney, like myself, are both Emporia State Debate alums.

*Excellent salary.  In fact, KCKCC has the highest base salary of any institution of higher Ed. in the State of KS.  That means entry level Faculty with a Master's will make more here than anywhere else--and unlike 4 year schools be eligible for tenure (see below).  After 5 years I am making more than most of my colleagues with PhD's.  Community College salaries are very good.  All Faculty are placed on a salary scale and we have received at least a 3% raise every year.  The Board is very committed to salaries.

*Excellent Benefits.  Full benefits including health, vision, dental, retirement for all full-time Faculty.  The college's commitment to Debate also carries the benefit of reduced teaching load.  Outside of debate, I now have 1 on-campus class in the Fall and no on-campus class in the Spring semesters due to our travelling.  I imagine the Asst. Coach will also enjoy a fiar amount of reassigned time.  These details are still to be worked out.

*Tenure.  After a 3-year probationary period you retain tenure based on evaluations.  An excellent Faculty bargaining unit as well.

*Local, State and National Recognition.  The college loves the press we have received.  In the past 4 years, given our accomplishments in CEDA and CC Nationals, we have received recognition by the Governor in a proclamation signing, recognition by resolution in the US Senate courtesy of KS Senators Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts, recognition in the Congressional Quarterly courtesy of US Congressman Dennis Moore, Mayoral proclamation signing, and perhpas most impressive an entire highway sign on I-70 declaring our CC National Titles from 2004-2007.  This courtesy of the KS Dept. of Transportation and Congressman Moore.

*Excellent team diversity.  We travel and coach teams in all 3 divisions, compete at CEDA Nationals, Phi Rho Pi (CC Nationals), host a College Tournament, host a HS TOC qualifying tournament, and host the KS State Forensics Fest Tournament in the Spring.  We are also involved in the Urban Debate League and have an extensive relationship with the KS High School Community.  Our debaters range from those with extensive HS experience to raw Novices.

*It's Kansas City.  Central to everything.  Lots to do here.  And remember, Kansas City is a city so great, they put it in 2 states.

There are a plethora of other reasons I would encourage you to consider KCKCC.  If you have questions, please feel free to email me.  I am excited about this position as the College moves forward and continues to hold Academic Debating up as a pillar of Higher Education.


Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC

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