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Sherry Hall shahall
Wed Oct 10 05:58:24 CDT 2007

Hi All --

I am in the process of organizing the catering for the Harvard tournament and I need to get an accurate number of people attending.  Also, we have several teams on the waitlist hoping to get into the tournament.  If you are entered in the tournament, please send me an email with the total number of people that you are bringing to the tournament, and please indicate if any of them are vegans.  If you have entered teams that are not going to attend, please drop them from the tournament as soon as possible via debateresults.com so we can efficiently administer the waitlist and allow other teams into the tournament.  A couple of schools are locked out of the hotel block.  If you have extra hotel rooms, please do not drop them with the hotel, contact us so we can help those in need.

I am also in the process of planning the menu for this year's tournament.  The theme will be the cuisine of the Mediterranean region, and we will feature at least one menu item from each of the countries listed in the topic.  I will post a complete menu once I have it done.

See you in a couple of weeks!

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