[eDebate] The Significance of UNLV

matt stannard stannardmatt
Wed Oct 10 08:12:20 CDT 2007

This is not just a post thanking Jake and his staff for an incredible tournament at UNLV this past weekend.  Oh, it was fantastic, no question.  I'm sure others will, ought to, chime in with the details.  We will be back every year for sure.
Next year, UNLV plans to host a round robin with a transparent and public application process.  The significance of this for the community is huge. UNLV can and should continue to evolve into a national-level tournament, which will remain accessible to all parts of the community.  The introduction of this tournament into the early fall schedule is the single most significant addition to the schedule in several years.  It will restore balance to the national community and help aid a revival that is already underway in the West and the Rockies.  This should make nearly everyone ecstatically happy.
Thanks Jake and the crew of the SRBDF.  
Matt Stannard, Director
Wyoming Speech and Debate Union
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