[eDebate] UNLV 2008 tournament announcements and 2007 survey

Jacob.Thompson at unlv.edu Jacob.Thompson
Wed Oct 10 12:54:49 CDT 2007

Update--2008 Las Vegas Classic Debate Tournament

We would like to thank everyone who came to the 2007 Las Vegas Classic 
Debate Tournament sponsored by the Sanford I. Berman Debate Forum at the 
University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  We worked hard to provide the NDT/CEDA 
community with the best possible tournament experience.  With that in 
mind, we?d like to announce a few additions and improvements that we?re 
planning for next year?s tournament? 

-We will host a top-tier round robin tournament.  Although we?re still 
working out the details, the grand concept will remain unchanged.  We plan 
to host a round robin tournament with a fair application process using 
explicitly transparent criteria that are publicly available.
***We will host an argumentation conference on Tuesday afternoon following 
our tournament.  The conference be open to submissions for round-table 
panel presentations/discussions and papers.

***Wireless internet access on campus will be improved.
We?re also trying to plan other ways to top this year?s tournament. 
Therefore, we would appreciate it if you gave us some feedback on your 
experiences this year.  Please feel free to discuss any aspect of the 
tournament you feel should be changed/reformed/improved (just send me your 
thoughts via backchannel jacob.thompson at unlv.edu )? 

-We ran 7 prelim debates this year, we would consider changing the number 
of prelims, if a majority of teams guaranteed to attend thought that we 
should do so.  There are good arguments for going up to 8 or down to 6? We 
also wouldn?t mind staying at 7.

-What did you think of the tournament hotel? 

-Would you prefer to stay in a casino hotel?  Should we go cheaper, or can 
we go with a bit higher priced (and higher class) hotel? 

-Did you like the centralized internet/research room at the hotel? 

-Any thoughts on the registration reception?

-Any additional thoughts?

Thanks again for coming to UNLV and we hope to see everyone (and a few new 
faces) next year.


Dr. Jacob Thompson, Ph.D.
Director, Sanford I. Berman Debate Forum 
Assistant Professor In Residence
Greenspun College of Urban Affairs
Department of Communication Studies
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
4505 Maryland Parkway Box 45052
Las Vegas, NV 89154-4502
office (702) 895-3474
fax (702) 895-4805
cell (702) 809-9670
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