[eDebate] Joe C. Jackson update (D3 Fall meeting)

EMarlow at ucok.edu EMarlow
Wed Oct 10 13:43:12 CDT 2007

Just a quick note about the upcoming Joe C. Jackson tournament at the 
University of Central Oklahoma the first weekend in Novermber.  We will be 
hosting the fall District 3 NDT meeting on Saturday of the the tournament 
from 2-3 pm during the lunch break.  Since we are doing it during down 
time, there will be no need to remove judges from the pool to conduct the 
meeting, so it will not effect preferences.

We are looking forward to hosting everyone in early November and I am very 
glad to see schools like Weber returning to the Jackson.  Hospitality and 
competition both look to be first rate and I hope you can all join us.

Eric Marlow
Director of Debate
University of Central Oklahoma

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