[eDebate] KCKCC Tournament Update #2

Darren Elliott delliott
Thu Oct 11 17:39:41 CDT 2007

We look forward to your arrival tomorrow.

1.  Remember to upload your aff and neg info to the wiki if either partner has debated anywhere at all this season.  At the risk of being fascist, I will only honor pref sheets for teams who have info listed on the wiki.  Otherwise, your opponents A's become yours!

2.  Remind your debaters we will give out the "Best in the Spirit of Competition" award in each division.  During rd 6 they will get ballots to rank the teams they debated as representing all there is that is good about the community and the spirit of competition.  1 team in each division will be awarded.  Likewise they will also rank their judges and we will award the top 3 critics with awards.

3.  During the assembly we will also give the Dr. Amy Fugate Leadership Award and the Coaches Award.

4.  Note the change in schedule--opening assembly at 3 and rd 1 begins at 4.  Registration is in Lower Level Humanities from 2-3.

5.  If you have judge conflicts previously unreported or changes to make they must now be emailed to me as I am disabling the ability to make changes on the Bruschke site.

6.  Entertainment--forgot to mention in post #1 that Dave and Buster's at the Legends is also open late featuring food, drinks, and video games for adults.

7.  Scooter's Coffee House has opened a location on campus.  They serve all sorts of coffees, lattes, various other drinks, and snacks.  Please visit them in the Deli area.  They are keeping extended hours because of the tournament.  7am-4pm on Friday and 7am-4pm on Saturday.  They are usually closed on Saturday.


Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC
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