[eDebate] It happens in the West too

Paul Leader leaderdb8
Fri Oct 12 10:08:10 CDT 2007

Wanted to add my two cents.  It would be beneficial to all, and it is only fair, for judges to disclose these predispositions.
We attented our first tourney at UNLV last weekend.  A number of my teams elected (against my advice) to run a case that is essentially a criticism of the current style and form of debate itself.  I was flabergasted by the number of ballots I read that basically said "I, the judge, know from my own experience that the current form of debate is wonderful."  These comments were, of course, accompanied by losses, low points, and not a single comment on whether or not the other team actually made any such argument.  When  I checked judge philosophies, I did not see any fair warning of such a reaction.  To those judges, and you know who you are, SHAME ON YOU.
I think it is good for people to say "I hate K's" then at least you know in advance.  For example, I state in my philosophy that the alt of "thinking differently" is very questionable to me.
It would be great if all judges were open to all arguments, but given that this is impossible, I would urge all critics to re-check your philosophies and make sure you have included any and all predispositions.
Paul Leader
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