[eDebate] Solution to the Policy v. K Gordian Knot

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Sat Oct 13 06:37:57 CDT 2007

The Solution:  Get rid of MPJ.

Look, as it stands now, I am too lazy to write a Kritical Affirmative and I
don't want to lug around AV equipment for a cartoon montage. Consequently, It
is much easier for me to simply strike Andy Ellis and others that I think are
too K friendly. (No personal slight on Andy intended).

But, if there is a pretty good chance that my teams would have K-hacks and hip
hop "artistes" in the back of the room, we'd get off our asses write a krtikal
affirmative and even work on our "Nuclear Explosions are like flowers" mime
routine. (I love the smell of fall-out in the morning.)

Hell, if we knew people like Mike Korcock had a chance to judge us in the back
of the room, I'd teach my kids how to sllooooowwww it down for the dinosaur and
denounce the existence of God, and draw a picture in order to get the win and
double thirties.

The judge makes a lot of difference in the round. However, mpj creates
incentives for teams to "game the system" to avoid judges that are qualfied,
yet do not fit within the team's world view of debate. Getting rid of mpj would
force teams to adapt to different philosophies---OMG! A speaker adapting to
their audience--what a cutting edge theory in public persuasion studies!


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