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Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Sat Oct 13 10:33:48 CDT 2007

i canna type un say laughin at stupids whut try be all kool unlessun i iz a Kulur?
white money boyzez from da suburbz whut try be all kool talkin like theyz knowin and i don't getz to mocks 'em?
what "race" do you think i am emulating?  
why are you under the impression that an entire "race" speaks these ways rather than a (fictional) multiracial subculture?
are the "overtones of racism" in the text or are they in your head?
you see the hip-hop and think "race".  you don't see the "leet" at all.  you flippantly accuse "racism".  
Another instance of making a complex world stupid and simple enough to deal with.  or, as Jean Paul Lacy would say...
4nO+h3R 1N5+4nCe 0F MAKiNG A C0mPL3x woRLD $TUp1d 4nd 5iMpLe EN0U9h t0 D3aL W1+H.
Mi8chael Korcock, Boyo!
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