[eDebate] Teams Clearing at KCKCC

Darren Elliott delliott
Sat Oct 13 21:52:39 CDT 2007

The Following Teams have cleared in the KCKCC Blue Devil Debates:
The Pairings will be released at the College in the Hospitality Lounge at 7:45am with the round to begin at 8:30am.  A Judges list will follow shortly.
OPEN:  Partial Octos
Emporia State Beach and Green           4-2
Illinois State Breadbowl (Bretthauer) and Lawson         4-2
Kansas Kasten and Kennedy    4-2
KCKCC Rohan and Montee    5-1
KSU Mendenhall and Zarazan   6-0      
KSU Hanson and Ziegler  5-1
KSU Ahmadullah and Farmer  3-3
Missouri State Foley and Johnson  4-2
Missouri State Kruse and Stout  3-3
Oklahoma Bunas and Tomik  4-2
UCO Spomer and Chance  3-3
UNI Beier and Bonitto  4-2
JV:  Partial Quarters
KCKCC Dubin and Kirkendoll 4-2
KSU Denney and Funcheon  4-2
KSU Cummings and Woods 4-2
KSU/Mo St. Chilton and Alonzo  4-2
Oklahoma Koslow and Warren  5-1
Oklahoma Eicher and Warder  4-2
UCO Feng and Henry  4-2
NOVICE:  Partial Quarters
KSU Good and Stinson  5-1
KSU/JCCC Guerra and Bremer  4-2
Oklahoma McDoullet and Koss 4-2
UNI Bartelt and Mischel 5-1
UNI Schupick and Crozier 4-2
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