[eDebate] interesting tidbit about "speed" debating

Zompetti, Joseph Perry jpzompe
Sun Oct 14 00:13:44 CDT 2007

So...we're celebrating our 150th anniversary (ISU and the debate society), and I've been reading some archives about the beginnings of our debate  history.
Back in 1899, Illinois State sent debaters to a challenge sent forth by debaters at the State Teachers' College of Oshkosh in Wisconsin.
The ISU newspaper reported the event:
"The Illinois debaters poured a rapid fire of data from a multitude of authorities at their Oshkosh opponents, much of which the latter could not meet.  The Illinois speeches were one continual rebuttal."
So...either ISU invented fast debating (you can either love us or hate us for that), or it just comes naturally.  Probably the latter.
Viva fast debate!
PS:  if anyone wants the full citation for their answers to "speed bad," send me an email  :-)

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