[eDebate] KCKCC Results From Partials

Darren Elliott delliott
Sun Oct 14 14:25:08 CDT 2007

This morning we had Partial Octos in Open, Partial Quarters in JV and Novice.  These are the results:

KSU Mendenahll and Zarazan advance without debating
KSU Hanson and Ziegler advance without debating
KCKCC Montee and Rohan advance without debating
Missouri State Foley and Johnson advance without debating
Emporia State Beach/Green 2-1 over Illinois State Bretthauer/Lawson
Central Oklahoma Spomer and Chance 3-0 over Oklahoma Bunas and Tomik 
UNI Bonitto and Beier 2-1 over Missouri State Kruse and Stout
Kansas Kasten and Kennedy 3-0 over K-State Ahmadullah and Farmer

Oklahoma Koslow and Warren advance without debating
KCKCC Dubin and Kirkendoll 2-1 over Central Oklahoma Feng and Henry
K-State Denney and Funcheon advances over KSU/MO St. Chilton and Alonzo
Oklahoma Eicher and Warder 2-1 over K-State Cummings and Woods

K-State Good and Stinson advance without debating
UNI Bartelt and Mischel advance without debating
UNI Schupick and Crozier advance without debating
Oklahoma McDoullet and Koss 2-1 over KSU/JCCC Guerra and Bremer

Speaker Awards, Special Awards, more results coming soon!


Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC
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