[eDebate] KCKCC Speaker Awards

Darren Elliott delliott
Sun Oct 14 14:31:12 CDT 2007

10th  Stacy Spomer  UCO
9th  Derek Ziegler  K-State
8th  Kelly Thompson  Emporia State
7th  Ian Beier  UNI
6th  Aaron Kruse  Missouri State
5th  Andy Montee  KCKCC
4th  Kyle Zarazan  K-State
3rd  Beth Mendenhall  K-State 
2nd  Jessica Johnson  Missouri State
1st  and WINNING a FINE VELVET PAINTING OF A BULL FIGHT  Jordan Foley Missouri State

10th  Alexis Robinson  K-State
9th  Diante Calhoun  K-State
8th  Gloria Funcheon  K-State
7th  Paul Eicher  Oklahoma
6th  Seth Warder  Oklahoma
5th  Tyler Henry  Central Oklahoma
4th  Ashley Denney  K-State
3rd  TJ Dubin  KCKCC
2nd  Garrison Warren Oklahoma
1st  Scott Koslow  Oklahoma

5th  Ian Stinson  K-State
4th  Andrew Schupick  UNI
3rd  Brian Koss  Oklahoma
2nd  Steven Mischel UNI
1st  Chelsea Good  K-State
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