[eDebate] can we clear up the TX swing dates?

Malcolm Gordon malgorthewarrior
Sun Oct 14 21:29:54 CDT 2007

UTD, UNT, ANYONE.  It seems that many people have asked what the dates for UNT will be, and I have not found a response on edebate.  Is there still going to be a TX swing?  If so, does that mean that UNT dates will be adjusted to have UNT, one day off, followed by UTD?

I looked on edebate and debateresults and haven't found any info on when UNT will be held.  

The TX swing is one of the sweetest tournaments of the year, and keeps growing.  I see no need in ending it.  Also, it's hard to make plans for the Cal Swing without knowing when the TX tournaments are going down.


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